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  • This project is a training program for personnel appointed as responsible for implementing and maintaining the certification program within companies. The training program will consists of modules related to various components of the lobster handling program.
  • Training materials would be delivered using a combination of online or e-learning methods followed by a final face to face visit, review and issuing of training certification.
  • Access to the program materials can be provided using a link and access code to connect directly to the modules.
  • Interaction from trainees will be limited to questions or answers via email. Evaluation will be done using online quizzes built into the program which immediate results and feedback to the trainees.

There are 8 Modules for the Lobster Handling Program:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Live Lobster Basic Biology
•Online Test

Module 3: Live Lobster Handling
• Online Test

Module 4: Live Lobster Water Quality Requirements
•Online Test

Module 5: Nova Scotia Certification Program

  • Online Test 

Module 6: Standard Table and Auditing Guidelines

  • Assignment

Module 7: Auditing and Certification Process

•Online Test