Divers cours offerts en français, en anglais et en espagnol, pertinents pour l'industrie du homard.

This is a training course for managers responsible of implementing and maintaining the Live Lobster Quality Certification Program within their companies. The training program will consist of different modules related to various components of the Certification program.

Access to the program materials can be only done with a provided code to connect directly to the modules.

Training materials are delivered using an on-line e-learning method with a quiz after each module for evaluation with immediate results. Once all the quizes are completed with success, a certificate of completion is issued.

Interaction with trainees is limited to email.

There are 5 modules and a final Certificate of Completion.


Module 1: LQCP Introduction
•Online Test

Module 2: Live Lobster Source
•Online Test

Module 3: Lobster Quality
•Online Test

Module 4: Best practices: handling & water quality requirements
•Online Test

Module 5: Best practices: suppliers, exporters or importers
•Online Test